Handcrafted Beauty

La Salle Botanique is a brand that creates elegant beauty care & home accessories. Our name is connected to an idea of botanical gardens.

We have been searching for a way to bring the reviving powers of nature into the bustling and busy urban life. We explored the traditional medicines of different cultures, healing properties of plants and honey, herbal skincare and ancient & traditional cuisines. We grew gardens and preserved harvests for a sustainable life.

So, it was a natural choice for us to make beauty care with nature-based ingredients. We believe in the powerful combination of hydrosols, plant powders, essential oils and the last achievements in cosmetic chemistry. We use wonderful lab compounds if it is scientifically proven that they are helpful. We work with high-quality, nature-based, fair trade products. Most of our oils and butters are 100% organic. We believe in a wise harmony of different elements working for one purpose Рto help people look and feel better.

We spend a lot of time formulating each product, testing and working on its performance and look. We constantly raise the quality of our soap, creams and candles. As a result, La Salle Botanique provides effective and multitasking skin and hair solutions for active and creative people. Our beauty brand offers easy to use, essential botanically-based products for any beauty routine.

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Many thanks to every person who inspired us to go along the natural way of living.

Diana de Gratigny,
Owner of La Salle Botanique