Botanical Beauty For You

Welcome to La Salle BOTANIQUE online store!

We create botanical soap, face, body & hair care for different skin types and their specific needs. We also dive into the fragrance art and make original candles & scented wax tablets.

Our handcrafted beauty products are unique, from the recipes to the designs, deliciously scented, with a texture that feels wonderful on the skin.

Using them daily, you feel refreshed, relaxed, or energized enough to tackle everything else on your to-do list.

La Salle BOTANIQUE means “the botanical room” in French. Our brand combines the most effective botanicals from fair trade & sustainable sources and the last achievements of the cosmetic industry. Handcrafting beauty care & home accessories, we make them responsibly.

If you are pleased with the experience and service you’ve received from us, we encourage you to share that information across your social networks. Word of mouth is a huge traffic driver for our business, and your support means the world.

Have fun and enjoy our growing selection of amazing merchandise!

Diana de Gratigny,
Owner of La Salle BOTANIQUE