Keep Your Skin Out of Stress

Your skin always reflects what’s going on in your world: stress-inducing energy can trigger inflamed and red skin, the weight of duties could be a cause of clogged pores, a busy social calendar often leads to dryness, while compassion and sensitivity might translate to overly reactive skin.

These days are extremely stressful to everyone but we all can use our isolation learning, actually, how to avoid stress. Just think about this rare opportunity: we can listen to ourselves, our real needs, and we can help ourselves. In spite of all new problems that corona-virus  has brought to us, we can and should to stay in tune with needs of our skin and mentality.

A warm bath is best for relaxing your body.

If your skin is prone to acne, breakouts, and inflammation, try products with aloe vera, cucumber, salicylic acid, or willow bark extract to quickly get rid of a pimple.

If you have clogged pores,  use beauty products with bamboo charcoal like our natural soap “Bamboo Forest” or a whipped sugar scrub. A gentle at-home detox procedure like a clay mask application will help your skin and your mood.

Does your skin feel extremely dry? Moisturize at least once a day. Use rich creams that contain shea and cocoa butters, glycerin or silicones, and squalane in facial products – these ingredients keep skin firm. Drink often – it will help you to hydrate your body and stay resistant to a virus.

I know, you are now providing a lot of support to your family, friends and, if you are an essential worker, – to your community. You relate to the world at large and it can be (and IS) very exhausting. Emotional tiredness often leads to very sensitive skin.

Simplify your skincare routine to fewer steps and avoid strong fragrances, abrasive cleansers, and harsh ingredients. Use our slightly scented botanical soap with extracts of lavender, roses, or aloe. Rich with vitamins oils of avocado, olive and castor will less likely to cause chaos, and more likely to reveal you from stress.

Find your balance through taking care of your skin, and enjoy your glowing  look.


Diana de Gratigny

owner of La Salle BOTANIQUE

Good Hair Speaks Louder Than Words

There is so much information about hair care that it is easy to sink in it.  
Let me share with you some helpful check points, so you will not get lost in a beauty shop.

Hair Types:

If you need to wash your hair every day otherwise they will turn greasy, then you have oily hair.
If you can live without hair washing up to 3-4 days, you have normal to slightly dry hair.
If your hair look good up to 5-7 days, then you have dry hair.
Do you need to wash them every day? It depends on you. I would recommend to those with oily hair to wash them daily or in a day.
The most sensitive hair that needs very mild care – fine hair. Coarse hair can get much more abuse due to the number of cuticle layers.
If you color your hair, straiten or curl them permanently, you need more gentle treatment. If you have long hair, the ends are, probably, dry, even if your scalp is oily.

Hair Cleaning & Conditioning: 

Shampoo cleanses your scalp & hair from soil, dust, styling products, sebum, etc. I would recommend to concentrate more on your scalp while using shampoo.
Conditioner treats dry and split ends, and moisturizes dry scalp. People with oily scalp should apply conditioner carefully, only on dry or damaged hair ends.


Want to know more about shampoo types, solid and liquid shampoos and how to choose your very best solid shampoo bar?

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The Best Foot Care Advice for Spring

The Spring! It’s sprung – my pear trees are all in blossom. So, the season is open. And here is the long post about one sensitive problem that we all meet in spring.

One of the most common and sometimes uncomfortable ailments that people experience after winter. It is cracked heels.

For years, I had cracked heels that looked unpleasant, felt uncomfortable and even painful sometimes. When I began to formulate my botanical skincare, I found out that cracked heels are usually just a product of wearing the wrong shoes, dry weather, standing on your feet too long, or age – just to name a few causes. All these issues were familiar to me: as a educator I spend all days on my feet teaching students, and as a metropolitan, I hopped from subway to bus, walked and ran through autumn, winter and spring in heavy boots.

Fortunately, while diving to skincare chemistry, I realized that with the right cracked heels treatment, it can be remedied at home in no time. With this intention, I created my scrubs for women and men who have cracked heals.

It’s possible to even out the skin on your feet with La Salle BOTANIQUE products, like the best-selling Bamboo, Lavender, Wild Rose or Lemon Dream sugar scrubs, and by practicing other foot healthcare tips:

*Avoid Taking Hot Shower or Baths
Although it may feel relaxing after a long day, using super hot water can leech moisture out of skin, leaving it dry, dry, dry. If you know you have a naturally dry skin type or you have cracked heels, do yourself a huge favor and use tepid water instead. This will help preserve some moisture in your skin.

*Avoid Drying Products
Opt for an all-natural soothing body soap. LA Salle BOTANIQUE handcrafted soap is formulated with moisturizers such as organic shea butter, avocado oil, and olive oil, to gently replenish moisture lost through bathing.

*Gently Exfoliate Feet
Cracked feet are caused in part by thickened skin, so it’s vital that you exfoliate your feet just as you would your face, elbows, or any other part of your body where excess skin cells tend to build-up. Try using a pumice stone with a dollop of La Salle BOTANIQUE lavender sugar scrub. This scrub will help gently remove dead skin cells to reveal softer, smoother heels, and help buff out shallow foot cracks. This indulgent product also infuses and renews lost moisture with ingredients like organic shea butter, and vitamin E.

*Moisturize After Bathing
Lock-in moisture right after bathing by applying a high-quality, all-natural moisturizer to your heels. Many of my customers absolutely love La Salle BOTANIQUE ultra-hydrating body butters that provide lasting moisture to heels, and helps feet go the extra mile with an emollient formula for skin health.

body butter peony
super moisturizing body butter peony passion

*Wear Supportive Shoes & Socks
When possible, wear shoes that fully support your entire foot. Also, be sure to wear socks, as they wick up moisture so your feet aren’t sweaty all day. This is a simple but effective foot crack solution to try.

Treat yourself to some botanicals this spring. With the La Salle BOTANIQUE Sugar Scrubs your skin will look gorgeous.



Diana Gratigny

Owner of  La Salle BOTANIQUE

It Will Be Music and Wonderful Roses…

One of the things we love most about spring is the feeling that all of our senses come back to life. We can feel the sun and breeze on the skin once again. And so it also is the perfect time for a new skincare routine, one to usher in a new season with the joy and optimism that should come with spring.

sugar scrub rose
natural sugar scrub with roses

La Salle Botanique launched a new Wild Rose Sugar Scrub, and we already have many testimonies from our happy clients about this sensual, relaxing and nourishing natural sugar scrub. With a few weeks it washes away impurities and dead skin with it’s exfoliating sugar grains, and plump your complexion with its rose water, shea & cocoa butters, and a blend of luxurious plant oils.

Treat yourself to some roses this spring. With the Wilde Rose Sugar Scrub you will look gorgeous. Open your eyes to the beauty all around us and stop and smell the roses.

Welcoming the Cold with Nourishing Hand Creams

Clouded autumn skies, feast of colors, noisy wild geese, warm afternoons and wintry nights – it is all about November. A beautiful time of a year, when we are preparing for the holiday season, can be harsh on our beauty.

When I was a teenager, I started to have problems with my hands – their dry and irritated skin bothered me every cold season. In a restless battle with a rough, boiled crab looking skin of my hands I tried literally everything, from the most expensive creams from the hoshposh boutiques to the salves from the vet clinics. Yes, I even used a cream designed for a goat utter! None of these creams helped me to solved my problem.

When a few years ago I dived into the deep waters of skincare chemistry, one of my goals was to create an effective formula of a hand cream. I learned a lot about oils, esters, humectants compatibility, and I think, I finally created a good botanical formula.

La Salle BOTANIQUE hand creams really work for me, and my customers due to their lovely, velvety, easily spread nourishing ingredients. Now, whatever life brings to my life, at least, my hands look and feel great.

perfumed hand creams from La Salle Botanique

La Salle Botanique Hand & Body Cream comes in 4 scents: Sensual, Exquisite, Delicate & Elegant. Check them all to find your best helper.


Autumn is Calling

Bright skies and gloomy evenings, smell of burning leaves in the air, and cold mornings – there is a beauty in every season, but Autumn is the striking one.

Unfortunately, red and purple are not just  colors of fallen leaves but very often – and alas – our cheeks and noses. Under the bright and crispy October skies we need no less protection then during the hot and humid summer.

To keep the skin fresh, clean and properly nourished, start with a proper cleansing procedure. We recommend our film-forming Tender Facial Wash enriched with aloe and rosemary extracts, full of antioxidants.

This season, we have our Facial Wash in two variants: with willow bark for sensitive and irritated skin, and with seaweed extract for dry and dull skin. These botanically-based cleansers are mild because of a special film-forming formula. You will be surprised how tender our cleansers are, and how they effectively cleanse your pores.

Another recommended procedure for everyone during the cold season is exfoliation. Your best friends will be whipped scrubs with luxurious unrefined butters as Shea and cocoa for their wonderful ability to moisturize and nourish the skin in seconds.

La Salle Botanique offers a variety “the best ever” scrubs with coffee, lavender, bamboo charcoal & tea tree, and rose extracts. These are all natural products designed to exfoliate cracked skin softly, moisturize deeply and polish any type of skin.

Make exfoliation a part of your facial routine using our clay masks enriched with light absorbing nourishing oils and herbal extracts. Apply any mask for 5-10 minutes on a clean skin twice a week, wash it off gently, and enjoy your new fresh look.

Many people do not see the purpose in facial toners. Do not make this  mistake. The beauty of liquid moisturizers is that you can apply them on your skin before or after make-up, any time of a day when you feel your skin is getting too oily or too dry. They are tone improving products, non-sticky moisturizers, herbal refreshers that support your look, mood and mind. We offer a variety of toners all year round.

This season, a new product has joined our toners family – Oil-Free Mattifying Liquid Moisturizer, a gelled non-sticky toner specifically designed for sensitive and oily skin.

And finally, use proper moisturizers. La Sally Botanique’s famous Vital Moisturizer with an extremely effective formula featuring squalane and jojoba oils, and a light and fluffy Eye Hydrating Cream with plum and rose hip oils. Absorbed by skin in seconds, they have a great ability to hydrate and highlight your look, a great support during the upcoming festive season.