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Tips How To Look Stunning After 40

Beauty tips are everywhere. They are usually support no-longer-young Baby Boomers or not-that-old-yet Millennials, but GenXers, who are at their golden 40s and 50s, are ignored (traditionally), and sailing on their own. So, I researched, collected and wrote down a few beauty tips that will help you navigate through your wonderful, witty and unrestrained middle age.

How to look stunning after 40
Enjoy your wonderful, witty and unrestrained middle age.

1. Embrace the changes in your skin.

Your skin needs more hydration, which means –  less powdered finish. Generally speaking, for any GenXer less is more, and La Salle BOTANIQUE’s creams, toners, body butters and scrubs will help you to get a healthy, more sophisticated look. You don’t need that surgery right now, believe me.

2. New make-up style.

Don’t keep wearing the make-up looks from the 1980s. Embrace a new style that complements your skin and suits the woman you are now. For example, use a powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone, lightly dust it on along the jawline, hairline and temples. This creates false depth to the face, which in turn emphasizes the lighter areas and creates higher cheekbones.

3. Drink and eat healthy.

Red wine is your friend. But! Keep it to one glass, and have your wine with a meal to avoid unpleasant situations. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have the highest concentration of antioxidants and heart-healthy, anti-cancer, anti-aging antioxidant called resveratrol. 

Avoid saturated fats or trans fats. When you eat a healthy diet, your skin is more likely to glow and you may even appear more youthful. Add healthy fats, and you will likely begin seeing noticeable changes in how your skin looks and feels.

4. Use an anti-aging cleanser.

Your anti-aging regime begins with a cleanser that gives to your skin what was stripped away. Your skin should feel nourished right from your cleanser, all the way through your skincare regime. Try La Salle BOTANIQUE’s Tender Facial Wash with Seaweed & Aloe. You’ll be pleased how mild it is.

If you want something posh, incorporate microdermabrasion facials into your regime, they to help prevent wrinkles.

Yoga or Pilates keep your skin healthy
Exercise is super important for keeping fit and healthy at any age.

5. Color your hair.

Applying soft, natural and lighter color parts through your hair, to reduce the harshness on the parting and avoid those two-week touch-ups at the salon. You may find your hair stops growing at a certain length, as the growth stage has slowed and each follicle may only grow for a two to three year period. Embrace the shorter look – a good hairdresser will personalize it to make it look great on you.

6. Keep the thickness and lushness of the brow.

Color them slightly to cover any grey hair. Never over-pluck them – ever. Don’t pluck the grey hairs (although it is very tempting), as you are only going to destroy the follicle, which in turn creates a gap where hair will no longer grow.

7. Use a rich, nourishing night cream.

In your 40s, collagen breaks apart, resulting in lines and wrinkles. Key ingredients now include rosehip oil, jojoba oil and squalane. A lot of women feel pressure in their 40s to commence cosmetic surgery enhancements such as muscle relaxants and filler to delay and soften the aging process. Don’t go for it. There are a plethora of noninvasive treatments available such as laser and rejuvenation.

Red Wine for Beauty
Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have the highest concentration of antioxidants.

8. Drink lots of water and green tea.

This promotes circulation as well as supple skin. 7 cups of water per day will pave the path to your toilet, that’s for sure. Also, the same 7 cups will help you to feel better, lose weight a little, and look good. Just combine them with a healthy meal with a glass of good red wine and nice exercise. Which leads us to…

9. Exercise!

Exercise is super important for keeping fit and healthy at any age. Yeah-yeah, who cares. However, dear GenXers, considering exercise like Yoga or Pilates will keep you fit and flexible. Just… don’t go crazy, you know what I mean…

Diana Gratigny

a GenXer, who’s enjoying her 45 years on this planet

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